Resources for Reformation and Revival

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Many of the links would fit under more than one category, but are listed only once for the sake of economy. COR does not endorse everything on these Web sites, but we offer these links because they provide helpful resources and serve as a gateway to many other useful resources on the Internet. These sites and links are by no means comprehensive. If you want to see a Web site added to our links, please submit your request using our feedback page.

Sites of Some COR Steering Committee Members, or Organizations They Serve


Reformation and Revival

There are a number of organizations on the Internet that are working for reformation and revival of church and society. Here are a few of those sites.

Theology and Bible Study Resources

The number of theology sites online is growing rapidly. Here are a few sites that promote theology and doctrine with roots in the Reformation as well as historic, orthodox, and classical Christianity.

Christian Worldview

Here are some sites that provide resources to help develop your Christian worldview.


News and Commentary

Here are some sites that provide a much needed alternative to the news and views dispensed by the major mass media outlets.

Christian Networks and Portals 

Here are some sites that provide networks of Christian and family-oriented resources and services.

Other Resources 

Here are some additional resources.

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